Health Clinics and Hospitals in Amsterdam

Hospitals in the Netherlands fall into one of three categories: university medical centres, teaching hospitals and general hospitals. University medical centres form part of a university. As such, they attract researchers and specialists, a dynamic which adds to their ability to provide the most specialised care.


Teaching hospitals are affiliated with university medical centres. They attract specialists and provide a more general forum for research and training of student nurses and medical interns. Staff and students have access to on-site research facilities. Because of this, some more specialised treatments are offered here. Interns accompany medical professionals during many procedures.


Lastly, general hospitals provide standard care. By no means sub-standard, they provide excellent care and will refer patients to more specialised facilities if the condition merits it. Amsterdam has two university medical centres: the AMC and VU medisch centrum. It also has two teaching hospitals: Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis and Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis.

St. Mary's Healthcare

St. Mary's Healthcare in Amsterdam

You don’t have to travel for outstanding healthcare. They have neighborhood health centers throughout Fulton and Montgomery counties – with some of the finest health professionals, including specialists, practicing in these centers. All are backed by state-of-the-art services that have made St. Mary’s a regional healthcare leader since 1903.
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Netherlands Cancer Institute

Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam

The European Research Council (ERC) is key to excellent basic research, the cornerstone of disruptive innovation. The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), together with 12 other European life-science research centers, united in the EU-LIFE alliance, urges politicians to unequivocally support the ERC by raising its budget in FP9 and endorsing its guiding principles.
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