Visit Rembrandt House Museum Amsterdam

Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam

If you are in Amsterdam, Netherlands, then you can’t miss to visit Rembrandt house museum.

This is an impressive museum and is filled with art. You will get a very good Rembrandt experience once you take a stroll at this museum.

From arts to furniture, the museum will give you an enriching time. In case you are an art lover and appreciate exhibitions, etchings and art, then you will definitely enjoy a visit here.  This was Rembrandt’s own house and you shall get to know a lot about his career and life. So come and have a look at his wonderful work.

Rembrandt House Museum

A two-minute walk from Rembrandt House Museum, is Zuiderkerk (South Church) where three of Rembrandt's children are buried as well as one of his pupils. Constructed between 1603 and 1611, it was the first Protestant church to be built in Amsterdam after the Reformation and was designed by architect Hendrick de Keyser, who is also buried here. After extensive restoration, it is now a center for local cultural activities and events. Another Rembrandt-related destination in the city is Rembrandt Square, home to numerous cafés and restaurants, along with a statue of the famous painter.

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